Sunday, September 28, 2008

Scythe feeback

Guillaume sent me some sweet pics and a nice vid of him riding his Scythe. I was lucky enough to get a few laps in with G while out in Whistler this summer, fun times!

The Gambas Trail - France from Razor Images on Vimeo.

For more photos as well as some really cool content check out

Nice looking trail you guys have built there! Good work!


Bansheefrench said...

this trail is just the beginning it's right now about 500m
and at the end of w should get over 3km of flowy berm trail and totaly rideable chain less
well it's our small whistler flowy trail

thank you keith that was cool to ride with you too
and you are welcome to rip those trail in france

Roughrider69 said...

I cant wait to break my scream v2, if its possible.. Its a rad bike..Then surely a scythe would be in the works..

Bansheefrench said...

i just checked on pink bike and this video is video of the day today sweet

Keith Scott said...