Monday, September 29, 2008

Banshee on Pinkbike

Did a couple videos with Tyler and Radek from Pinkbike check'm out



Also should have some stuff up as well. YOu can check out our new virtual tradeshow booth here


Anonymous said...

Man, I think you made a mistake on saying the head angle...I think you started from 65 and switched it to 64 or 64.5, but not 67. That's xc.
But hey, who am I to say this?

Looking sick the bikes.
When are you starting shiping the 50 legends?

Jay MacNeil said...

yep i totally goofed that one up

Wichmann said...

Hey Jay!!
You are doing great at "acting" you said you did not do well. Well I disagree you are great!!!


Claus 222

Jay MacNeil said...

thanks!! Claus. I still say UH too many times. I think before next tradeshow i'm going to do a little rehearsing so that i still say the same stuff but just work on the delivery smoothness a bit better. I'm not a PR guy or even a sales guy for that matter and like to just do my work behind the scenes but sometimes you have to step up and i just want it to at least not be painfull to watch

Nick said...

ITALIAN VERSION for Legend Video!
Versione Italiana per il video della Legend!!

Roughrider69 said...

SWEET SWEET bikes !! Saving to get another one.. maybe the amp... The wildcard is on my list and the legend... damn i need a side job to keep up w/ all my wants.. or i mean needs