Monday, September 15, 2008

Asilvertouch Rune Review


Dean said...

I agree with almost all his thoughts on the bike.
I like his comment that basically says: 2 sets of wheels and you are good for virtually every type of terrain.

The only thing I don't quite agree with is his thoughts on jumping.

I just spent a full day a Whistler on my Rune. Dirt Merchant and A-Line were parts of the recipe and my god did I ever have fun.

C3 Products said...

Pretty good overall review; although I have not had any blow through problems with the DHX air on several DH runs with my Rune. Have to agree with Dean on the jumping front; mine is no problem to launch off any lip and is super maneuverable in the air. One last point not sure why the review was with Manatou forks and most of the pics are with a Wotan fitted?

poisonfrog said...

it is because they were also doing a review on the Wootan around the same time. i know they ran both forks with the bike. this was a proto frame and not production, so it would weigh just over a pound more then the production version and that might make the difference in the air.