Sunday, January 27, 2008

Reviews needed

Now that some of you are starting to get some riding in on your new bikes, it would really help me and keith if we could start reading some reviews to see what you guys think. I'm not telling you to write a good or bad review as thats for you to decide but we do read all of them and its super important what every rider thinks. Magazines do a good job but for us at the end of the day its what you guys think that matters the most.

You can find the definitive place for rider reviews here.
and thanks again for the feedback!


Nick said...


Lele's Review:

Fra's Review:

In the next days I'd have some reviews... First should be about Rune!

Keith Scott said...

Thanks Nick!

Nick said...

So here you are a new Scythe review...

Sorry guys I know it's in Italian, but I really do not have any free time to turn it! Use Google Translator!