Thursday, January 24, 2008

Legend Update

A few of you switched on types have been asking to see the prototype Legend. I was expecting by now to have been able to proudly show it off... but alas, there have been complications (not a big surprise for such an innovative design).

Basically When I sent the design off to the factory a couple of months back for evaluation and tooling set up etc. and well the news came back to me a few weeks later that after all sorts of calculations on time and cost, that it could not be done.

But don't fret! I have been very busy solving the situation with insight from the factory and unofficial help from the Straitline guys (Thanks Greg and co!), I have solved the manufacturing issues without sacrificing strength... and also managed to make the most of the situation by shaving off a few more grams of material, and making the design a little more streamlined.

So yes there have been delays, and as a result the first batch will be delayed slightly, for that I am sorry, but I have been putting in weeks of 14hour design days to keep delays to a minimum.

We are currently manufacturing the prototypes, some to be ridden, and some for destructive lab testing. Based on the results I will get the production design out the door quickly and we will endeavor to get them in to your doors as soon as possible!

Oh yeah, some pics of the new basement design, plus a couple of the other tweaks I made.

Medium legend

Notice machining both inside and outside the basement to create a strong I-beam cross section and save weight

As viewed from the bottom, the new sleeker basement design on top, older design on bottom. also creates a bigger weld interface with the down tube! Integrated cable routing on the top link to reduce weight and allow for link anodizing

There have also been a couple of small geometry tweaks to improve the stand over and feel of the bike, and countless minor changes here and there just to make the design as good as possible.


Sick Lines said...

Nice updates Keith, looks good.

Aaron said...

Yeah, I'm liking the changes to my future bike. That's a bitchin basement! Thanks for keeping us updated...

booner said...

Thanks for the update Keith, she lookin gooood! If I am not mistaken looks like you shortened the CS a little and lengthened the TT while lowering the front a tad too. The rear chainstay looks quite a bit more refined as well. OR...maybe I'm on too much crack from the flu meds :)

Either way I look forward to any updates y'all have for us. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

it's looking sick. i can't wait to own one :)

Hack On Wheels said...

Wow, you have no idea how close that orange rendering is to how I pictured it. Even down to blue links! The orange is looking pretty darn good, and I'm sure if you can get a paintjob like that it will look far better even in real life. Brilliant, I hope the production goes smoothly from this point on.

Sneeck said...

Isn't that gap in the downtube infront of the BB an intake for mud to make a nice hunk'o'mud at the shock?

Anywho, that is thé sickest race downhill frame at this moment. Can't wait to see a prototype. Nice job, as usual.

Anonymous said...

hey keith whats the travel on this frame?!

i love this frame. i'm going to start saving for mine now. :)

Session Brasil Family said...

Nice Up Date...good evolutions on desgn, thes pics is more real than olds...good luck to the proto production!


Keith Scott said...


The angle that the mud will be spraying up from the front wheel will not cause much of an issue with the hole in the basement which is there for drainage. its likely to hit underside of BB shell and fall off.

Annon dude:

Travel settings are 7" or 8.5"
The geometry changes when you switch from 8.5 to 7 by lowering the BB and slackening angles, so will be perfect for high speed flowy DH runs, where as the steeper angles higher BB and more tarvel will suite the slower techy rocker rooty DH runs well.

Anonymous said...

i know i read before the weight of the legend was first hoped to be around 8.5 - 9lbs and i was wondering with these current changes to the frame would the weight drop down to 8lbs flat or is this change just a few grams?
also what kind of material do you plan to make the frame links {the pieces that are always a different color from the rest} out of? carbon fiber maybe?

Keith Scott said...

My calcs for the frame weight with all hard ware excluding shock pre welds is now 8.05lbs for medium... but welds weigh something too, so we will see what it comes to when we weigh the proto... and remember things are likely to change again between proto and production so weight may still change.

as for links... currently it sgoing to be 7005 T6 Al due to high strength, low weight and weldability (for center seem welding)

we are however considering materials such as carbon and magnasium for furute years, but need to do a lot of research and testing before we go down one of these routes. the weight saving of carbon over Al is not all that much for same volume, but perhaps the design will change a bit.

Anonymous said...

i know this frame is still a ways off from being on the store shelfs but what do you esitmate the cost will be?!