Saturday, January 19, 2008

Couldn't pass showing you Zigger's bike

Matt "Zigger" Zagorski
23, Melbourne Australia
Into trail riding, Enduro Racing, odd dash of Downhill
Hometown is the mecca of mountain biking in Australia (he thinks...but it is) Mt Beauty, a town of probably 23 people with 174 trails.

Banshee Rune, Ano Black 14.2kg [31.2lbs]
Fox 36 Talas
Fox DHX Air
Shimano XT Cranks
Shimano XT Mechs
Shimano XT Shifters
Shimano XT Wheels
Avid Juicy 5s
Thomson Stem
Time Atac Pedals
Easton EA70 Monkey Bars

This has got to be one of the nicest bikes I've ever seen, and just had to share


Nick said...


What wheels are they?!

Jay MacNeil said...

Nick... it says Shimano XT Wheels... even on the wheels

Sneeck said...

Sick, lovely rim's. Matches really well with the black 'n white frame, allthough a less white sadlle will make it look even better.

Nick said...

Jay, as I always say myself, I'm stupid!! :D hahaha Thanks! :)

(Maybe I was blind (astonished) because of the beauty of that bike!)...

Karupshun said...

That's a gorgeous bike. All the new line is so hot. it's hard to pick a favorite

Have fun!

jason said...

You guys never cease finding new and exciting ways to make that bike look amazing!

There is now doubt that and that Legend are my two favs!!

Lets get some more reviews of that baby eh?

poisonfrog said...

that's a thing of beauty!!!!

very nice.

Banshee french said...

the set up is really nice but I'm not keen of these wheels

which size is that frame?

Keith Scott said...

Really nice looking build! Let us know how you think it rides!

Looks to me like a large frame I think.

Zigga said...

It rides very nicely indeed. Still some slight shock and fork tweaking to go and I have to get a new rear tyre, the current one doesn't actually provide any grip. Then she should ride as good as she looks!