Monday, January 21, 2008 Interview

Ryan Denehy from interviews me and Keith... check it out here

and make sure to check out their site regularily for cool stuff on all the extreme lifestyle sports.
Its always nice to get a chance to let everyone know what makes us tick and how we go about making bikes and the other stuff that goes with this awesome sport.


Aaron said...

I just know you guys trying to rebrand the original Froriders... Cat's out of the bag now!!

poisonfrog said...

great interview.

Shin said...

Looks like Jay finally got a haircut!

Jay MacNeil said...

The hair comes from Steve in Stuttgart. I just borrowed his "party helmet" for the photo... he puts it on and turns into an animal so its kinda of funny to see cause he's like a guy on a case of redbull, speed, and triple espressos.
Good times

Steve [GER] said...

Yeah boy !
Jay.. the ladies love your hair-dresser !!! ;)

@ poisonfrog: ditto !