Friday, January 11, 2008

Banshee Amp Proto

We built up the Amp frame today with some choice kit, keeping it simple with single speed and pretty burly parts.

I was amazed how easy it was to fit the integrated headset, and how light it was! The Amp is probably the closet mountain bike I have ever ridden to a BMX, it really is SO slammed, tight and low. And at a frame weight of only 4.5lbs (for the long size), it will be a GREAT bike for dirt jumping, street and pump tracks.

There are a few things I plan to in the frame change before full production, but the geometry is pretty dialed (shout out to Scott Alleyn one of our riders in Canada) for help with the design, and in particular the geometry. The changes are pretty simple tweaks that will not add any weight, but should improve the aesthetics and performance.

So far I have only had a chance to do some parking lot testing, but it feels really planted. The BB is so low that it just tears round corners, and it feels stiff and responsive under pedaling and J-hoping and manualling are easy as anything!

Massive thanks to Rob Cole for all his help with the spec and build!


banshee french said...

it looks so clean!!
love it

rob cole said...

glad you are enjoying the new AMP keith!!

Keith Scott said...

Oh man, I had so much fun riding it today! I was riding where Rob works at Esher Shore (near London, UK) cos it has been raining too much to ride any proper jump spots.

After a tentative start (due to this bike being a totally new experience for me) I was ripping through everything with easy, it was so light that you could throw it around in the air and pull it back for landing no problem... also muched around with some X-up stalls onto wooden sterp up bank, and it was just feeling natural and easy to control!

Thanks for today Rob, was awesome!

took a few photos, will put them up on blog soon!

Eoin said...

That bike is pure sex. it looks awesome. time for me to start saving up the pennies.

Anonymous said...

Can you give us an update on the Amp? Is it in production yet? I don't see it listed on your website.

PS - I like the raw finish. Will produce a raw finsish and if you will, is the finish clear coated?

PSS - Not really Amp related, but why don't more bike mfg powder coat their bike, it is so much more durable.

Keith Scott said...

The amp frames have finished production and have been shipped out to distributors. So expect them to arrive in shops within the month.

All the production frames are raw and minimalist (look like prototype, but will various improvements)

as for last question... that I do not know!ha