Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ranch Style - Mike Montgomery Wins Best Trick

In pretty much a landslide victory Mike Montgomery has won the Pinkbike Best Trick Throwdown at Ranchstyle in Colorado with 353 votes.

The event took place yesterday at the Grassroots Ranch in Colorado and was filmed by a team of videographers. The video was then posted to Pinkbike where viewers had the opportunity to vote for a winner. Mike's winning trick was a backflip barhop, something that is mostly unseen in mountain bike competition. Greg Watts placed second with 121 votes, he threw down a myriad of tricks including a flip double barspin and no handed 360 to barspin. Third place was Ben Glassen, a relatively unknown rider from Nanaimo BC. His super steezy 360 nac earned him 65 votes, while Eric Lawrenuk's decade (or 360 downside whip to some) earned him fourth place with 47 votes.


1. Mike Montgomery 353
2. Greg Watts 121
3. Ben Glassen 65
4. Eric Lawrenuk 47
5. Joe Perizzo 32
6. Jamie Goldman 13
7. Kelly Mcgarry 7
8. Anthony Messere 4
8. Jack Ludlam
10. Garrett Robertson 1
10. Nick Simcik 1
10. Reece Wallace 1
10. Scott Alleyn 1
10. Tyler McCaul 1

Keep Riding.

Rob Dunnet