Thursday, May 5, 2011

IXS European Cup - Monte Tamaro

European IXS series kicked off the season in Switzerland – Monte Tamaro. It seems to be the most prestigious European race serie. 300 racers from 16 countries were the indicator of that.

First race of the season is always different feeling. No-one knows how the others are going to ride after the winter break.

The track was really difficult, long and challenging what was enhanced by rain on the begining of the weekend. It was my first real wet riding this year, but I felt amazing on Friday. I made some more practice on Saturday before quali and I also felt that I’m fast. I simply did a whole run and finished 3rd (1st Nick Beer, 2nd Marcus Pekoll) in qualification what really motivated me for Sunday.

Sunday, the race day was full of sun. The track began to dry a bit, but some slippery rocks came out. I was really confident and I knew that I can do some good result. I rode well with some small mistakes almost the first half of the track, but than a fatal mistake happened. I slipped a bit from my line and hit the rock by my front wheel what catapulted me over the bars. I hit another rock with my head and knee and the race was over for me.

1st Markus Pekoll
2nd Joshua Button
3rd Lorenzo Suding
4th Marcel Beer
5th Brook McDonald
Matej Charvat – DNF

It was a shame as I felt that I can do it, but this is not the end..

I've already been to doctor and my knee seems to be just badly bumped. A week of having a rest should make it.