Saturday, May 14, 2011

Danish DH

This past weekend the first race of the season was held in Rold forest which was the first of 6 rounds. The track is pretty basic with some jumps and berms mixed up with the super loose ground after a few weeks of sunny weather. 222Racing (Bo Andersen and Sebastian Jensen) and 222Freeride (Kasper Nancke and Bjarke Pedersen) meet up saturday for practise.

Bjarke Pedersen sending it into a berm.

Saturday practise was good and we all got the dry course dialled in. I was trying out a pair of Maxxis Minion EXO´s since the course isn´t that rough so I would save a bit of weight and time in the end hopefully. Everybody was having fun and catching up after the winter break. Since we do no have any seeding in the Danish DH cup, practise on saturday is always chilled.

Bo Andersen on the logride.

On race day the track was rolling fast and was getting quite loose after the practise on saturday. So we got our bikes and geared up and headed up for one hour of practise before the first runs started. We all got a few runs in which we felt good about and was fairly confident on the course.

Sebastian Jensen in practise.

First up was Kasper who rode a decent run with a few mistakes and ended up in 19th spot with a 1.05,94. Next up was Bjarke on his Scythe who posted a 1.00,01, which he was happy with. Bjarke got a 4th which is quite solid. Last up was myself. My run went well I hit all my lines and I pedaled hard on the flat course. I posted a 56,93 which was the fastest time of the day and therefore good enough for 1st, winning with .4 of a second.

Bjarke Pedersen - Danny Sørensen - Sebastian Jensen - Henrik Martinsen - Mike Thisted

All in all it was a good weekend with happy people and a good vibe. The Banshee Legends and the Scythe was running good all weekend teamed up with the Marzocchi 888´s and the Roco shocks. We also got the chance to flash our new Sombrio kits and the new TLD lids and gloves. also a huge thanks to our other sponsors: Banshee Bikes - Halo wheels - Maxxis Tires - - Acros and SRAM!!
All of the pictures are taken by Andreas Gudum.

Next weekend 222Racing is going to Winterberg and Willingen in Germany so stay tuned!

- Sebastian Jensen, 222Racing