Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mount Joyce MTB Park - Queensland

Ben Power (Team Banshee Australia) was invited to ride with world renowned downhill champion Nathan Rennie recently on the first trail completed within the latest mountain bike park facility in Queensland Australia. Funding for the construction of the recreational park located within the Wyaralong Dam site at Boonah south of Brisbane includes a full on MTB facility consisting of 2-3 downhill tracks, 40km of cross country tracks, a point to point Enduro track and a 4X track came from the Queensland Government through Queensland Water Infrastructure and amounted to $1.5m.

The MTB trails are being constructed by Two Wheel Promotions (Bill Van Haren) and World Trails (Glenn Jacobs) with technical input from Nathan Rennie. The purpose of the ride by Nathan and Ben was to produce a video to be used in the marketing program of the great facility which is due to open to the public in early 2011.

The trail featured in this video is the first completed which is a blue grade downhill track. The video was captured by a local film company and it is understood that there were journalists/photographers from several MTB magazines present taking photos and doing interviews with the constructors. Ben was riding his Banshee Rune' (older model which he tells me needs replacing!!) and Nathan was on his Santa Cruz Nomad.

Anyway, enjoy the video - it has been well edited.