Thursday, September 30, 2010

Antoine at the Rampage

Just got these links from Alex from France.
Looks like Antoine has been scoping out lines and getting ready for his big day.
I just got finished reading this and was shitting my pants just reading it... how do you launch yourself off stuff like that. All these guys must have huge cahone's that constantly get caught in the spokes... really this is insane. My hope is we see an awesome event, injury free, and that the spectacle that is the Redbull Rampage continues on year after year.

The Trip from France to the USA.
Rampage : Jour 1 - Le Spot
Rampage : Jour 2 - Digging Riding
Rampage 2010 Daily News #1 : premiers pas dans le d├ęsert

credit to for use of the photo.