Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jason Peter's Amp

Word and pictures by Jason Peters:

I have had my eye on Banshee’s Amp frame from the time it hit the market a few years ago. At 2009 Interbike I heard Banshee was giving away an amp at the What’s Next premier and I was going to get that damn frame. Next thing I know I am jumping in a pool fully clothed chasing a frame, only to feel the frame being ripped from my hands at the bottom of the pool. Almost a year later the guys from Banshee bikes made things happen for me and a Black 2010 Amp showed up on my doorstep.

Now I have finally got the frame built and the first few rides on the frame I am floored with how it rides, Its tight, low, fast and spins better then any other 26” bike I had ridden.


2010 Banshee Amp (Black, Short)

2010 Manitou Circus (white)

2010 Atomlab Pimplite GI rims on pimp hubs (black, 32H)

2010 GEAX AKA’s (2.2”)

2010 SLX cranks (175mm)

2010 Avid ELIXIR R (160mm)

Cheep ass pedals

Cheep ass seat and post

And that’s it, that’s all. I am loving this bike, big thanks to Jay, Keith and Rob at banshee bikes .com (bansheebikes.com) and Ryan at GEAX (geax.com)

Jason Peters

Side Note:

In Vegas I talked to this wet kid after he jumped into a pool after an Amp frame. I did not know his name and wished that he would have gotten the frame. When I saw him again at Sea Otter I remembered how stoked he was on the Amp frame. I decided I would offer him a deal on an Amp frame ... I walked up to him, introduced myself and found out that he was Jason Peters. For a couple of weeks up to Sea Otter I was talking to Jason by email about hooking him up with an Amp. I guess I should have sent him two ...