Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Phantom Jump

2 or 3 years ago my friends and I found a cool line back in the woods with what seemed to be an impossibly big jump at the end.  Granted, we were 15, but it was still huge.  We wanted to see someone hit it soooo badly, but as we checked back every once in a while, we just found that it had become more and more overgrown.  As we progressed we began to consider rebuilding the jump, but never did.  It remained the “Phantom Jump”.  Recently, we showed filmmaker Josh Talatzko, and he was super stoked on it!  He was totally down to help work on it so we could hit it for his movie “The Locals”.  After a couple build days, many gallons of water, and lots of practice runs, it was ready to hit!  It was really dark, so I only got 4 runs in.  The first run I went off at almost full speed from the drop before, ditching the bike midair and landing basically to flat on my feet!  Luckily I was ok, and the next 3 runs went much better!  It’s a crazy jump because it’s got a full 6 and a half foot steep dirt jump lip, but with a 20 foot gap.  The landing is a little harsh from the height, but nothing the Rampant couldn’t handle!  We had a chance to head out there today so I could hit it some more.  It’s definitely one of the biggest jumps I’ve ever hit, if not the biggest, so it felt really sick just to be in the air that long.  I started to trick it with some tables, a 1-foot x-up, no-foot-cans, and wanted to tailwhip it.  Justin got out his camera gear and I went for it!

I’ve never tailwhipped a jump that big, but I spun it fast, got back on the pedals, nosed it in, and rode out smooth!  It was soooo satisfying riding out clean, as the jump has been somewhat legendary around here and I’ve wanted to hit it for so long!  All I can say is watch for “The Locals,” as Josh kills it with the camera and already has some epic shots lined up for this jump!  I’m sure this won’t be the only trick you’ll see thrown on it either!




Photo Credit:  Justin Brantley