Friday, September 11, 2009

Mythic Spitfire - sneak peak at Esher Shore

Mythic / Banshee Design Engineer Keith Scott came to visit me today at the Freeborn Esher bike shop located next door to the Esher Shore Freeride Bike Park

the purpose for his visit was not purely social, he came to show off his "Spitfire" trail bike protype - which looked very sick!!

above: Keith pretending to be a bike mechanic in the Freeborn Esher workshops...

above: Keith with his Spitfire in the Esher Shore bike park

above: the Spitfire prototype in all its glory...hmmm ;)

above: my stepbrother Sam Rogers and the latest addition to his family, Roxy, check out the Spitfire - by the time Roxy is old enough for biking, Keith will be designing anti-gravity bikes, a la "back to the future"!

Keith and I spent some time checking out the brand new Esher "pump track", which was running very sweet (its slightly different to most pump tracks in that it has 6 foot elevation changes and 50 foot long berms!) on my Mythic Rampant - unfortunately no photos as we are keeping the new track under wraps until its opened in Easter 2010

we setup the Spitfire with pro-pedal and lowered the fork and as far as trail bikes go, it actually handled the pump track pretty darn well!

I also had a good blast around on the Spitfire and despite being a size too large for me (at 5'10" I would ride the medium) my first impressions were that it felt tight, light and pedalled very quickly

Spitfire is looking very good already, and Keith has some changes to make before production, it can only get even better


Rob C