Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Terry Larrazabal festival

I'm off to the Philippines in a couple days to take part in Terry Larrazabal festival at the end of this week.
Should be lots of fun and a chance to hang with Brian Lopes, and Hans Rey... normally I probably wouldn't get the chance in North America but cause we'll be like the only 3 foreigners I might get a chance.

Hans Rey is like a hero when i was a kid as he was doing stuff way beyond everyone else. I remember seeing him in Vancouver bunny hop on to the roof of a car... and to be honest even now thats still pretty impressive.
Lopes just has to be respected... they guy is a mountain biking legend and the fact that he's still riding and able to keep winning should be an inspiration to us all. Its gonna be pretty awesome thats all i can say.

Guys from Fakawi are also coming over and I think Victor from Taiwan may make it as well. I'll be out for a week riding, saying hi to all the Banshee fans, and basically taking it all in. Good times i'm sure will be had by all and its a bit of a charity event plus races all in Memory of Terry L. - hope he's looking down on us with a big smile!