Thursday, March 12, 2009

Denmark's Legend and Amp

Claus from Denmark sends us his thoughts on the Legend

Hello Jay

Hope you are doing great “over there”, I am sorry to hear about Keith. Please send my regards and “get well soon” wishes to him!

I was going to make a small story on the Legend I got from you, I said. So here it is, hope it is good enough for the blog.

Legend “Some time ago when Jay announced that the Legend’s were done, I got very excited. We had been waiting for this for some time. But then he sends some pictures from the factory, and horror struck. They were all painted! “But but Jay”, I thought, “you said that they were: “any colour you want, as long as it is raw” so quickly I Skyped him and he said “cool it now Claus, I did get yours out from painting in good time”. So here is the result, I do not know how many came out raw but I sure am very happy about the looks of my new DH rocket. With the help from the ISON clan headed by Lloyd, I got it kitted up with Halo Tornado wheels – Gusset stem and crank and new DH specific chain– DiaTech Anchor Sport brakes, not the most fancy brakes but they are very powerful for the price and one of the best to get rid of heat build up. Fork is by White Brothers; Grove Race 1.8 at 2,2kg / 5,2lbs. for weight fanatics it is hard to beat, but the damping does not quite fit the Cane Creek damper so I might change to a Boss soon.

I have been riding my Rune for some time and just love the way it feels, doing about the same stuff on that as I did on my Chaparall – but when I tried out the Legend on the same trails I was bored stiff J, the way the rear just floated over the ground gave me time to think about groceries for the evening dinner J – effort less riding it was great!! The BB height is just between the Sunday and the Chaparell and fits just right I think. On the Sunday I tended to hit the ground when pedalling out of corners, not yet on the Legend. Also I like that the Legend feels slightly less slag making the steering smoother, less prone to “over steering” and again effortless. Finding my local terrain too “boring” I went to “Monk mountain” (“Munke Bjerg” in Danish, if you are interested) about 1hours drive from my house where I met up with Bo, on of my team riders, he is also lucky enough to have a Legend. Here we have the gangliest track in the flat country of Denmark with a rock garden that I always did have some problems with. After testing the old “known” lines I found that I could push the Legend much more and it came out very much faster with me taking much straighter lines – I really can’t wait to go to a proper track very soon. Thanks a lot Keith & Jay – Kieth! get well soon!!!

“I got the AMP from Jay so long ago, it has been sitting in my work shop waiting for the Pilgrim signature wheel set from Halo (ISON Distribution). They were supposed to be here long ago, but the boat from Taiwan had to turn back to port with a fire onboard. But finally they are here, the result got very pimp but I think it came out great and was worth the wait. All parts (except the FUNN F2 brake, Spank chain and the Goodridge cable) are from ISON Distribution where Lloyd is the farther of many great parts. Halo SAS wheels and Twinrail tires. Gusset stem, handlebar, grips, pedals. Society Xeon fork. All in all a great little “packets” but as our local DJ spot is still under water I did not ride it properly yet. Just wanted to show off my new ride J