Friday, February 8, 2008

Teh D/L on how SL components are made

Update: Ken got the Scirocco back!!!! Looks like someone bought it off some stealing dude for 400 bucks and then started doing some searching and realized it was stolen and that it was pretty rare so that he could get thumped by accident if he decided to hang onto it. So props to the kid who was honest and returned it. Ken cut him a reward but the dude is still out some cash which sux cause it really wasn't his fault.
To bad the inside thieves at TNT courier are getting away with the Rune tho, and they're not going to do anything about it so we're out a bike. Thanks TNT for standing behind your stealing employees and not doing anything to investigate who did it or stepping up and giving us the replacement cost, rather hide behind the policy of no compensation for such a high value item.

This was far too funny not to post up. Ken from OZ sent me this of Greg at Straitline mashing keys and partaking o the sauce - so thats how they make their stuff. Kens got the lowdown on his blog here.
Straitline components are sponsors of the Banshee 22Pride factory freeride team with Alan Hepburn, Chris Soinenen, and Matt Brooks.

Also make sure you check this out if you're from Australia cause we've had 2 bikes stolen in less then a month. The Rune was on route to Revolution Mag and someone at TNT nicked it, and then 2 days ago one of the demo Sciroccos was stolen right under the nose of Ken. It should go without saying that if you own a Banshee don't let it out of your site for even a second. If you see someone on any of those bikes punch them in the face and take the bike back.