Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sydney Pumptrack coming soon

So just got off the phone - actually skype - with Greg at Straitline Components. We were talking about the new pumptrack park they're putting in.
It sounds totally wicked! The plans and the people behind it are pro and they've already got the piping dropped for drainage right into the municipalities sewer system - you know its gonna be killer if they're going to that much trouble
Banshee will be sponsoring the park along with other people from the industry and I can't wait to get out there with some of our local dealers like Lorien from Sooke Cycles for a little ripper session. Greg even said they'll be having comps and best part is they can get a liquor license... hahahaha awesome! a cold brew after some pumptracking... is this what heaven is like??!!!

It'll be a great place to ride our new DJ/pumptrack bike the AMP which is super light weight to pump the jumps and carry the momentum, uber flickable, and because pumptracks are usually buttery smooth you really don't want or need a full suspension bike.

The track is in Sydney on Vancouver Island just north of Victoria and about 10min bike ride from the Ferry. I wish Vancouver city would put in something but alas they suck... skaters get their parks but we still don't have anything and have to go to North Van where they've got a sh*tload of stuff to ride.

Make sure you check out the blog Greg is working on right now . Ha, he's gonna be so pissed I put up a link already cause it looks like crap - he's just started making it.

Anyway I gotta get back to doing the spec for 2009... yes thats right 2009