Friday, February 22, 2008

Back to the factory... Legends ready soon

I'm off to the factory in a few days and in a week or so after I arrive I'll have the first bits to show you of the Legend Mk1. We'll be showing it at the industry bike show in Taipei for the first time and I'm just scrambling right now to find parts to build it up.

Here are some pics I took of my trip up the 101 which is the tallest building in the world althought the UAM's Burg Dubai will end up eclipsing this tower soon.

The yellow globe thing is the counterweight that keeps the building stable so you don't get motion sickness and its suspended by cables and underneath are dampers so it doesn't swing erratically.

It was cool to see what looking out a window that highup actually looks like. Basically the pics I took were all in the clouds so nothing came out very clear. It was funny to hear that they built the building but didn't consider the flight paths of the airplanes so once it started to go up they realized that now they'd have to change how the planes landed. You can also go upstairs outside but its super windy up there and 2 guards are posted as they don't want another repeat of spiderman scaling the building again.

At the base of the Taipei 101 building is a cool little piece from Canada. Its a marble sculpture with a ball that rotates in the water and it was neat to see that even so far from home there was something that came from home.

Traffic definitely takes some understanding of the driving culture. Basically anything goes but don't speed or drink and drive because that is totally serious. However sitting in the passenger seat driving into oncoming traffic with Steve from Niner at the helm I had raced against him at the performance go karts so I figured if we got in trouble he'd get us out quick.... he's pretty fast and I was only a 10th of a second behind but this trip I'm gonna get the better of him.

Greg at Straitline and I were talking today and I had mentioned that upon leaving, getting my ticket and going through Customs I wandered towards my assigned gate -the Hello Kitty gate. He didn't believe me so I showed him this pic. When I first saw it I walked right past it looking for the "right" gate because it looked like the kids area, to my shock it wasn't the kids area at all. FYI ... Hello Kitty is not cool as an airport gate... but maybe a Banshe pumptrack gate would be something I could be seen in.