Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Personal DH Bike

I thought you guys might be interested to see the bikes I actually ride. You'll spot from my builds that I'm no weight weenie, and choose my parts for strength and performance to take my erm... 'punishing' riding style without breaking.

He is my DH rig...


Frame: Banshee Legend MkII (medium)
Fork: 888 WC RC3 (2008 / 2010 cross bread)
Bars: Raceface Atlas Freeride (cut down 765mm)
Stem: Straitline SSC (50mm)
Grips: Raceface Strafe lock ons
Brakes: Old Avid Juicy 7's I had kicking about
Headset: Cane Creek Flush reducer
Wheels: Mavic EX823 mounted on Superstar Components 120 point engagement DH hubs
Tires: Continental Kaiser 2.5 front and rear
Rear Shock: X-fusion HLR (with Ti Spring)
Cranks: Raceface Atlas Freeride 165mm
Pedals: Straitline Platforms
Chainguide: e*13 SRS+
Seatpost and saddle: Alienation Pivotal (light strong and means I have to get geo right as I can't adjust them as there are no rails)
Gears: XO short cage derailleur with SRAM PG970 cassette.

Weight: 39.63lbs (17.98kg) of goodness.


freerideste said...

Nice Keith.

What other bike do you have? I about to order my second Mythic. The Amp. Currently have a WC and love it.

Keith Scott said...

I currently have 3 bikes in my stable to cover all riding...


Sometimes I wish I had other bikes from the range too, but I don't have room in my flat for any more than 3.

ERNST@HK said...


Norbert said...

Love the look. Great colors. I had no idea they make 30.9 pivotal seats. If only you posted it before I got my new tioga spyder Id get the pivotal version and this seatpost ;)

btw. How is the X-Fusion Performing? I see more and more ppl trying it

Keith Scott said...

Just experimental colours... couldn't sell this to the public tho as the ano colours need some work, they are a bit blotchy as is.

Norbert said...

Also - a Legend build, that means you are getting back to health? That would be good info.

Keith Scott said...

Yeah, my health is getting back there, and fitness and strength will follow hopefully. Not too far off being normal now, but not yet normal for me.

X-fusion shock works well for me. I have it set very progressively, as that is how I personally like my bikes, I tried a couple of other shocks on the bike too:

RC4 (was a loan shock, but felt good)
Cane Creek (was an old version with narrower damping range which meant it was overdamped for the legend as the leverage ratio is too low, feels great, but just too much damping, a newer version would solve that)
Vivid Air (very plush for an air shock, but was way too linear for me, will look into tuning to improve that)

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