Monday, April 20, 2009

He might not ride for us... but I still have to show you his skill!

For those who have never heard this name before... remember it!

Danny MacAskill.
A local to me here in Edinburgh ( Scotland), and possibly the most skilled, and ballsy rider in the world today.

Once again i will let the riding do the talking!



Jarle said...

Holy ............ thats insane.

zakrzak said...

I've made random hit and... tree ride flare... OMG!

NoStyle said...

Absolutely outstanding! I like this mixed style (Trials, Street, Bmx) of riding so much and it must be taken years of Practice and tons of Talent to get this level of riding and skills!!! Danny MacAskill, next to Chris Akrigg (who rides more natural terrain, but brakeless!!), simply leave me speachless.

Don´t know if Banshee wants to get into Trials, but a even more lighter AMP-Frame with different Geo, bashplate and V-Brake mounts and there you go ... ;-)