Friday, March 20, 2009

Post Surgery Recovery (or lack of it)

As some of you know, about a month I was hurried into hospital for emergency surgery. I was a bit surprised. Although I felt pretty crappy, I didn't think I was that bad, but the docs seemed to think that if something wasn't done very quickly I could potentially die. Anyway, I had 24 hours to prepare myself for the fact that I was going to go in for a major operation, and that my life would never be the same again. It made for a fun night of lying there alone in a hospital bed thinking!!

So the next day came around eventually and after a further 4 hours wait, the docs came round to wheel me away into theater. They wheeled me into a glorified cupboard full of apparatus, and after signing consent I went under at about 1pm.

A strange thing happened, I have no idea where I was or what time it was, but I had an allergic reaction to one of the drugs they were knocking me out with, and I gained consciousness for what seemed like 5 mins (was probably only a few seconds. My eyes were taped shut, and I couldn't talk, but boy did I experience a lot of pain! All I could hear around me was panic and people running around me. they knew something was wrong, and quickly sorted it... thank god!

So 7 and a half hours later I regained consciousness and was wheeled in a dreary state to a high dependency unit ward. I vaguely remember seeing my parents and girlfriend, but the morphine made everything more than a little hazy. I think that is when this photo was taken, not sure tho. basically it was taken when I was feeling relatively good before things went wrong.

2 days after the op I was moved to a post op ward, where I got my own room by chance. That was nice, but this is also when things started to go downhill, and the sickness started. Throwing up constantly for best part of a week while you have a hole in your torso with your small intestine pulled out of it, and a big 8" scar held together by 33 staples hurts... a lot! I was throwing up hard enough that it actually started to rip my wound open, and it had to be reinforced.

So for that first week I had a temp of 104 and was constantly sick due to a post op infection in my small bowel. the nausea faded a bit, and I tentatively ate a banana over the course of 8 hours. that kick started everything off again, 3 more days of vomiting, and a tube was shoved down my nose to remove pressure from my stomach. Basically it was a vacuum to suck out the bile and feaces that were being forced back into my stomach by the blockage, so that I didn't have to throw them up any more... It half worked.

Anyway, I had another week and a half of this before eventually being discharged and allowed home. over the course of that time I lost 23lbs in weight. Which is a lot considering that I was very underweight before surgery due to being ill.

So I got home, and felt very weak and sore, but not too bad for the first few days. unfortunately the nausea and vomiting started again a few days ago, so I may be getting admitted back into hospital tomorrow for yet more tests, and possibility of follow up surgery to correct the issues.

well that has been the story of my last month... worst month of my life! And hopefully some of you will understand and excuse the slow response to e-mails from me as a result.

I want to shout out a massive thanks to Jay for working his ass off in an attempt to cover for me, but I'm also afraid to say that this will unfortunately result in some delays in production (Legend)... sorry, bad timing!

I also want to thank my girlfriend Steph for being my rock and helping me through this. She has been amazing.

I'll be back on the case as soon as I feel capable, please bear with me.


Sean McDermott said...

Wow, dude we are so glad to hear your recovering finally. Healing vibes brother. It sounds like you have had a pretty miserable few months. I hope the rest of this year and beyond brings good health and properity.

Rob Cole said...

shit that is a harsh month Keith man.

hopefully they can get you sorted out 100% and back to full health, we want to see you back on your bike where you belong

we're all thinking of you here at Freeborn Bikes and Esher Shore, and sending you healing vibes


Rob C
Jesus John
Hot Carl

Guillaume said...

Hey Keith What a bad 2009 kick off !!!
Mate I really hope you gonna feel better quickly and your recovery will be fast .

The whole Magma team and the banshee riders from France send their Healing vibes

Hold on Bro!!!


Dean said...

Eh Keith,

I sincerely hope that your recovery and new life after surgery goes well.

I wish you all best and hope that you can draw strength from all those that support you.

All the best,


Sick Lines said...

Keep fightin Keith. See ya this summer hopefully again!

Steve said...

Hope you recover quick mate, hate to hear that kind of stuff! Best wishes from Steve, Jazza and Ken in Aus.

Alan Hepburn said...

whoa keith, that is insane. i hope you heal up for good really soon, and get back out there shredding. hang in there mate.


Anonymous said...

Get better soon man. I feel so bummed for you. I'm sure you'll be riding before you know it.

Matt B

Ryan Daugherty said...

Dang dude, that sounds horrid! Feel better real soon man.

Wichmann said...

Get well soon - looks like you had a rougt time, but hang in there freind!!
Best wishes from: Bo - Lars - Claus
222Cycles Denmark.

intosite said...

get well soon!

Dany said...

Linden and I both hope you start feeling better. Take care of yourself.....

Anonymous said...

What a terrible month Keith, I hope you will get well soon.
All the best from Andrea

Straitline Components said...

I feel bad for all the lost hamspter jokes but humour heals right!

Heres a joke Keith! How did the British sheep farmer find his sheep in the tall grass?

Absolutley Faaabulous!!

Dude, wore that custom helmet today for the first time and it was full on Kodak courage, you just feel like the shit wearing it!

keep laughing and get well Keith!

redride said...

Keith, healing vibes from all of us in Malaysia!!!! get well soon!

Tiran said...

WOW Keith, this is a trrible situation you are at.
I hope you'll get well soon.
I'm sure that in no time everything bad will be behind you.

2 year ago I wrote somthing to an injured Banshee rider, here is the post :

let me quote some stuff from the graetest cyclist ever, Lance Armstroge (BTW, I recommend you to read his books while recovering):

“Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.”

“Anything is possible. You can be told that you have a 90-percent chance or a 50-percent chance or a 1-percent chance, but you have to believe, and you have to fight.”

“Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.”

"Two things scare me. The first is getting hurt. But that's not nearly as scary as the second, which is losing. "

"We have two options in life both medically and emotionally, give up or fight like hell. "

"Cancer is my secret because none of my rivals has been that close to death and it makes you look at the world in a different light and that is a huge advantage."

all the best.

singletracksurfers said...

Keith, get well soon and just keep thinking about all the riding you'll be doing this summer.

SZWED said...

Hi Bro , i dont know what i should say , it looks like You have got real bad times now . I think that the best thing i can wrote here are Your words from 2007 ( Your email to me after my accident )
" Take it like a challenge"
Take Care Bro

Sneeck said...

Hey Keith be strong and get your ass back on the bike ASAP!

Fakawi said...

A rider friend of mine had his spleen removed after crashing on his bike.. after the op he asked the surgeon if he could ever ride again..and the surgeon told him what the heck, just go all out and ride like there's no tomorrow because you won't have a spleen to rupture anymore...

get well soon Keith!
gulp down those power gels if you cant handle solids....

Dave said...

Many healing vibes heading your way Keith!! Take it easy and get well soon man.

All the best, Dave.

booner said...

Holy Shit son! No pun intended. We're all pullin' for ya baby, take your time and healing up well. You will be back on the bike in no time.

Healing vibes out to ya man and get better soon!


Anonymous said...

that sucks to hear you having such a shit run at the moment... hope you get better soon, best wishes from australia mate
jared wilson

Mark Matthews said...

Omg that sounds terrible I hope you have a speedy recovery, healing vibes!

I LOVE YOU said...