Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Get well soon Keith!

As some of our regular Banshee / Mythic followers may know, Keith has been in hospital recovering from some heavy duty surgery....I had a couple of texts from him yesterday and he seems in good spirits, despite some complications

Healing vibes to my buddy Keith, here's a great photo from a trip Keith and I took to Woburn Sands (Milton Keynes, UK) last summer to try out the AMP and Wildcard on some proper dirt jumps and freeride terrain

Hope to see you riding strong again soon Keith


Rob C


Guillaume said...

Yes huge healing vibes to you Keith
I hope we'll be able to share more B line and Crank it up ride on hardtails

I ll always remember your face when the run ended

That was great to share some ride then be back on bike quick!!!

Jarle said...

Hope he gets well soon. And back on your bike. Do you know wy he is at the hospital? The legend will be porsponed til the summer?

Alan Hsiao said...

Hi, Keith, I'm Alan,
was happend, are you ok?

Keith Scott said...

Hey guys,

thanks for the good vibes. I just got home after 3 weeks in hospital after pretty major emergency surgery. (they cut out all 6 feet of my large intestine and appendix, and pulled my small instetine out a hole in my stomach, so I'm now shitting in a bag...weird!) It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't caught a post op infection in my small intestine that blcoked things and meant I spent 10 days throwing up my own shit that backed up and liters of bile...

so I'm home now, but feeling pretty beat up and very weak... I have lost 45lbs from what I weighed when I was healthy!

Jay has been working like a maniac over last few weeks to cover for me (thanks Jay!) and has been trying to answer all e-mails that were sent to me and automatically forwarded on to him. please be patient if you haven't had a reply, or e-mail me again now that i am back in the land of the living. I am doing my best to catch up.

Snowporn crew said...

Hope you get well as soon as possible Keith, and that you`ll be ready to ride again soon. Will you be back on the bike this summer?

Guess you cant take the trip to Norway this summer after all, but I´ll be ready to ride with you here next year too :)

Best whishes from