Monday, March 23, 2009

Benny in the Sunshine

Queensland Sunshine Series Round 1 - Downhill 2009 - Kenilworth

Hey Guys,
Well, our 2009 Queensland State Series (Sunshine Series) commenced last weekend and round 1 was conducted at Kenilworth in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Track conditions were very dry, dusty and loose which lead to numerous stacks and carnage. I have decided to up the ante' and race Under 19 Junior Men this season in an attempt to improve my riding. During my qualifying run I caught the rider in front and despite much abuse hurled at him he failed to give way and subsequently crashed right in front of me in Carnage Canyon. This resulted in me crashing over the top of him and losing precious seconds but I still managed to qualify 3rd last!!

Onto the race run and I was getting real nervous sitting up the top of the mountain for 1.5 hours due to problems with the timing devices!! Anyway I got underway and had a great run down on the Banshee Scythe and ended up on the podium in 3rd place - a good start to Under 19's.

Next month (April) we head to round 2 which is to be held on my home track at Illinbah where I hope to gain a small advantage because I love the track with all its roots and rocks!!! Until then, safe riding.



Anonymous said...

"I caught the rider in front and despite much abuse hurled at him"

And you just typify the type of elitist asshole that will put off
prospective newcomers to the downhill scene.

Benny said...

thanks mate, were you the bloke in front of me?? if so, then its time you learnt racing rules ie, when 'track' is called - you give way not hold up the rider who is about to overtake you!

Cooch said...

Hey Anonymous, I was watching from the top of Carnage Canyon - if that was you, you shouldn't have been racing U19s... An elite U19 will get 30 seconds on you in Carnage Canyon!

If you're starting out, you should really be racing "Sport" or "Expert". Cheers mate, and all the best with your riding.