Monday, December 8, 2008

Paradox Pron

I don't think i need to say anything here. If you want to learn more we have a few earlier post here. Green is the medium and the Orange is a large


Anonymous said...

Prototype v1, prototype v2, prototype v3 , why don't you actually concentrate on finishing one project before moving onto another. The Legend is what, been in development for over 3 years?? Do you guys actually sell any bikes at the retail level, or are you merely a R&D company?

Keith Scott said...

Wow, I never expected people to complain about us developing new improved products.

I designed 6 bikes over last 2 years that are now on sale (Rune, Rampant, Pyre mkII, Wildcard, Scythe and Amp). Legend was put to one side for that because we needed the line up sorted before we invested the time and money required the legend project.
The Paradox development is not taking any time away from the Legend at all. Hardtails really don't take that long to design as the are quite simple, just have to get the basics right.

Legends are in testing on the field now, and even with the paradox being made there as been more than enough time to do all legend work that is required to fine tune the bike.

Sure we could be like Brand K and release the same bike every year, just changing the paint job... but I'd much rather design the best bikes possible. I think you will find that most our customers would want the same.

booner said...

Ahhhh damn it! Will ya stop making such cool bikes already :) HAHAHAH

I think its friggin great! The only problem I have though is which one to buy next...muahahahaha.

One project at a time though. Nice work as usual dudes!


Anonymous said...

When will it be available and what price? Can I just order one allready?

Jay MacNeil said...

they'll be available to purchase in Feb. We just have to make all the bits and glue them together. Leadtimes are usually 90days and it looks like ppl are digging it so i won't dilly-daly getting this into stores.

Anonymous said...

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