Friday, December 5, 2008

Ryan racing in Oz

queensland was good ay, track was so wild!
dhhh was pretty dissapointing though, ahd a good qualyfying time, just cruising and qualified 17th, so thought i would be able to get top 10 easy, was pinning m race run, then came into the forest (this tree section that lasts like a minute, full of roots, rock and mud like crazy) and yeh went into there bit too hot and hit trees and shit, regaind myself and then lost it into this corner and just got sent sliding down the hill through the bunting, ran backk up but then it wasnt enough ay, was just all sloppy from there, and finished 20th, not a really good result, i believe i could of done better! but ay thats raing!
then 4x even better story hahaha
was going all goood, got to the quarters, and yehhh i was put in one of the hadest heats of the day! it was me, jared graves, alex lloyd, and cody eichorn, all aussie team boys, snapped out in fropnt of alex, i went inside on him on the turn, but then he hit gravesy from behind which sent him flying into me and i just got sent straight over the handlebars lol wasnt good,i was pised off, but hey wha can i say i tried, and holy shit it was a hard heat!