Sunday, December 7, 2008

Redefinition of the 29r hardtail?

They said it couldn't be done and thats why I am so stoked to introduce the Paradox - clearly the name fits.

So what did we do that was so special? Lets have a look at the numbers first before the bike pron.

offset travel fork height Head Angle BB 2.1 tire trail 2.1 BB 2.4 tire trail 2.4 drop effective seat angle actual
Reba 09 46 120 526 69.5 12 87.7 12.4 91.7 62 72 70.3

100 506 70.5 11.7 80.9 12.1 84.7 69 73 71.2
Reba 08 39 100 510 70.16 11.8 90.6 12.2 94.4 67 72.7 70.9
Frame Size effective toptube head tube Chainstay
Xlarge 22 25.3 4.3 17.0
Large 19.5 24.2 4.3 17.0
Medium 17 23.2 4.3 17.0

Paradox gearing comparison using 1x9 and hammerschmidt

Primarily we built this around a 120mm fork and now that you can get a 100-120mm adjustable travel Reba for 2010 with a solid 20mm axle, we felt it was a good time for us to add something to the market that was missing.

The numbers look great and with the super short chainstays at 17.0 and the ability to still put in a large 2.4 tire we can get that Banshee feel. This will be a fast, flickable [what a flickable 29r??!!] that you can adjust to more XC feel or the switch of the Uturn get that all mountain feel and see how far you can push your limits.

The medium frame weighs 4.7lbs, which isn't the lightest 29r hardtail out there, but what amounts to less then a lb actually gets you an incredibly strong, efficient, and laterally stiff hardtail... something Banshee has always been known for.

This should be the choice for those clydesdales that like 29r's but until now have had few choices.

Those who aren't familiar with our Sun tubes in our seat and chainstays will be pleased to know there is an internal rib through the middle which creates a super stiff backend. It also allows us to include our "shock block" seatstays. The sweep in the seatstays actually performs an important function as it takes away any harshness out of the frame but laterally it remains super stiff.

We went with vertical drops because this bike was made for the people who appreciate the benefits of a 29r but don't necessarily want to punish themselves with a single speed.

Its a fun 29r for the weekend dude... like me... and I plan to use my Paradox for everything from commuting, to my All mountian North Shore expeditions and heck I may even see how it fairs for the more freeridey stuff I do like drops and skinnies. I figure it might fair pretty good on 7th where there are a lot of root holes and should allow me to roll right through them - I can't wait!!!
BUT!!!! do not sell this bike short for speed. Its stiff and efficient and with the right build it can be very competitive if you do decide you want to do a few season racing on it.

We also added 4 cable guides under the top tube for a front derailleur, rear derailleur, rear brake AND cable actuated adjustable seatoost like the Crank bros. Joplin. This will probably be my personal setup, with the adjustable seatpost, but I haven't decided on dualring/RG with FD or go 1x9 with a chainguide - oh the variations are endless.

If you're sold on the SRAM Hammerschmidt we got you covered as well. ISCG05 with the cable guides in place will allow you to install the HS with now worries at all. We'll show you how in a few days when all the parts arrive and we build one up.

The frame will come with a 2 year warranty and for the first few runs of frames I'll be offering them at a special price, that i'm working out with our distributors and dealers. This will be limited time thing but I can't wait to get feedback from as many of you as possible so thats why i'm going to offer this. I know we nailed it on this one, I just want to know what you think.

Best thing is it still looks like a classic hardtail, the fit, function, quality, and look, are beyond what i hoped we would end up with. I haven't been this excited about a hardtail since my Giant ATX back in the early 90s.


Karupshun said...

Beauty of a 29er frame, This may change my ideas on a trail bike for next year

Looking forward to see one built up

PowersUSA said...

White frame and red graphics please... would match up nice with the white and red Reba's...

No "formed" down tube?

BTW, the gearing with the Hammer', 36t effective, is not that conducive to 29er, please offer the frame without the "bonus" hammer inspired down tube cable mounts

Jay MacNeil said...

Re the hammer... are you talking the 22 or the 24T? We calculated out with the 22 and it seems to be within an acceptable range.

Formed DT will come later when we open the mold. Right now the mold is not long enough to give us the longer tube needed on the larger sizes.

Colors not determined yet but definitely red is in the running.

Bradflyn said...

Wow .. I found this on MTBR then was amazed when here with all the details. This is the perfect frame for the trail bike I have been wanting to build.

I have been wanting to try something different but not a single speed like all the guys around the trails so I was thinking a 1x9 set up for simplicity but a Hammerschmidt rocks. Now I can go up and down hill and have something simple in front keeping the chain on since I can spread my gear range out and still only give up super fast downhill gearing... Unbelieveable. Oh wait maybe this is one of the things that you got the name of the bike from???

Anyways, great combination and I am not sure where to go next with all my thoughts. Thanks and can you please hurry with production???

Jay MacNeil said...

Ok so i posted up the gearing chart... its just below the geo.
YOu'll be able to see how it compares using a hammerschmidt to a reg 44.

Jay MacNeil said...

Bradflyn... you're not giving up much in the top gears. Where i'm from unless you're riding on the road we never use that highest gear ratios.
As for the name ... you got it. Not only does the 29 wheel break the old standard mold for mtb wheelsize, but the Paradox breaks the mold for 29 mtb's.
I truly believe that for many types of terrain the 29" wheel should be the weapon of choice.

Bog said...

Jay, I'm definitely interested in an XL when you get one. I'm completely sold on 29ers and would like a durable XC/trail 29er to put through it's paces. I'll likely be racing in the new year on my GF Superfly but would love to put the Paradox toe to toe with it.

Jay MacNeil said...

Yeah i think it will be interesting to see what ppl think Ken. I just gotta get'm to all the interested ppl now

Anonymous said...

Looks like a sweet frame, definately like the tire clearance and geometry, but I would have a tough time without bottle mounts on the seat tube too. I assume it could be tough to place mounts due to the bend. I always use a hydro pack, but this looks like a sweet all-day bike, and 2 bottles can be nice on those types of rides. But I guess lots of full suspension frame only have one bottle mount these days, so maybe not a big deal. Just sayin...