Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bow Cycles Bike expo (aka InterBow!)

Bow Cycles (Calgary) hosted their 09 bike expo last weekend to show their customers the great products that they will be offering next year. For those of you who don't know, Bow is one of the biggest bike shops in the whole of North America, and offers a HUGE range of products.

This year Banshee got to join the party!

Banshee's were present in the business end of the shop, where the real magic happens (bike building!)

And also around the showroom.

It says something, when during the event one of the staff members of Bow built up their very own amp for customers to admire.

However, it must be reported that things went somewhat off the rails... I think the following pictures best represent the downwardly spiraling chain of events!


Back in 2001 Bow cycles approached a certain bike component designer, and asked him to design a bike that was capable of taking several seasons of hucking abuse, as all other frames were snapping and failing back then. The bike was to originally be called the Sideshow Bob, however things took a slightly different direction, and the bike became known as the Scream, and Banshee Bikes was born.

Things have evolved a LOT since then, but it is good to see banshee back in its original place of conception, although its place of birth remains the shore!