Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

and a cool little vid i saw. Its of El Chorro in Spain a pretty scary hike if you ask me, but I bet it would be super cool to do... any dudes wanna ride it?

So with this little vid wouldn't it be cool to have a picture taken of a Banshee on the bridge that crossed the river.
Send in a picture of the weirdest, strangest or craziest place with your bike in the photo.
Could be on top of the Empire State building, NFL football game could work, in the meat section at your local grocery store or even El Chorro. Be creative and we might even use it in our catalog and web page... of course we would hook you up if we use it.


Sneeck said...

Happy new year!!

That dude is very calm. Holy crap, 1 miss-step there and your done for. Very weird passage, anyone got a clue what purpose it had?(besides the strange water-dam-thingy at the end?)

perttime said...

I had to have a bit of fun with the Google translation that you are offering in the top right corner.

... NFL football game could work in the meat section at a local trading, or even El Chorro. Be creative and we could even use it to catalog and Web page... Of course, we should hook you, if we do not use it.

Actually, it makes more sense again when translated back to English :D