Sunday, February 17, 2008

Latest news on the Esher Slopestyle Park

The good thing about having my bike on test with a magazine, is that i've got the perfect excuse to let others "try out" my latest creation...ha ha

Keith Scott (Mythic AMP), Marshall Blundell (Mythic Chaparral) and John Holme (Mythic Wildcard) all got "persuaded" to give the new trick jump a go, well we had to make sure it worked before we went any further....

They all seemed to have a blast riding the jump, and even threw down some shapes...let's say Keith went home a little bruised, good work fella ;)

Now we know that the first jump (expert line) is working, we can move forward with the rest of the SS park...hella lot to do out there...gonna keep us real busy for the next few months

More info found here:

Rob C

It turned out pretty damn good...of course the landing is taking some tweaking to get 100% right and it still needs to be a little steeper, but its a great start to the SS park


Keith Scott said...

hahaha, yeah, I think I was trying to learn one footed shoulderbuzzers with my wrong foot forward on the cranks!

hence I now have a perfect stem imprint on my chest and some bruised ribs! haha oh well, maybe next time!

It's a fun jump for sure, I definately want to learn a few tricks once I get comfortable with the steeper lip(the guys will tell you, I'm no dirt jumper... but I'm trying to learn!).

Keith Scott said...

Got confirmation the other day that while I was 'throwing down some shapes' to handlebar plant I cracked 2 ribs! haha oh well!

I should be back riding and digging next week!