Monday, February 25, 2008

Customer Video (Dean in the Woodlot)

Here is a video sent in by Dean, a customer from BC, Canada, who is a trailbuilder at the woodlot!

Here is is riding his new Rune down one of his creations 'snakes and ladders'.

Amazing trail building and great riding Dean!


poisonfrog said...

wow did that ever make me want to ride, looking out my window there are 3ft snow banks and it is snowing :(

i will be out for crankworks, take me on that trail and i will supply the beer!!!! i iwll even get it from the col beer store!!!!

great looking trails, nice and flowy!

bansheefrench said...

woodlot is an awesome place love it

Dean said...


This is Dean

I am gald you like the video and trail.

Send me an email before Crankworks and I'd be glad to take you on a tour of the Woodlot.

urthling at gmail dot com

PS- I am loving the Rune

poisonfrog said...

will do, thats really awesome of you.