Monday, December 17, 2007

Wildcard in DirtBiker Magazin

In last issue of Dirtbiker Magazine (Czech bike magazine) in year 2007 was presented my brand new bike for year 2008. Banshee Wildcard.

Here is (probably) the final version:

Frame: Banshee Wildcard M size
Fox DHX 5 coil
Fork: Rock Shox Domain U-turn 115-160 mm in mint green

Bars:Spank Bitch Stick cutted to 640 mm
Grips: Spank
Stem: Funn Thrilla 40 mm
Head set: Da Bomb reduction from 1.5 to 1 1/8“.

Crank set: Race Face Evolve DH X-Type
Chain ring 36T Gebhardt
Pedals: Free For Ride low profile, SB

Brakes: Shimano LX 203mm front disc, 180mm rear disc
Rims: Spank Subrosa
Hubs: Novatec
Tires: Maxxis Minion 2.35, hard compoud, rear is reinforced.

I have also a picture (and a poster) in this issue in article about Austria bikeparks Saalbach and Leogang.

Drop in Leogang bikepark


Jay MacNeil said...

Way to go Schwara... looks sweet and the pics are totally awesome.
Suppose the only bad part is I can't read what they wrote... I'm sure its pretty interesting.
Always happy to see when you post stuff up.
I never really knew legoland had a bike park ... just though it was stuff made out of legos.

Karupshun said...

Jay, you can build anything out of lego if you have enough blocks.

You sure like to run a shorty bar at 640mm Schwara, but what a solid build using quality parts. Nothing super expensive and exotic. I like it a lot.

Is there a way to get a pic of the Leolang drop that's not scanned out of a mag? Very nice pic

Schwara said...

Haha, Legoland bikepark:)
It is Leogang, prety sweet bike park near Saalbach. There take place the 26tricks contest(Alex Pro pulled here double beckflip)

Anyway, all photos are scaned from the magasine. To get this picture in high qality will be dificult. But I will try. In the article about my bike is basicly detail description of my new frame and set up and few worlds how I like it(I like it wery much!:))

Guillaume said...

Guys you should go in Wagrain (I worked there as a trail builder!!) it's pretty much whistler style
anyway nice shot schwara