Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mythic Wildcard being tested by MBUK

I've just had word that MBUK has put my Mythic Wildcard into a group test called "All Mountain Big Hitters" which will go into the magazine issue due out in March 2008

With a sensible build of high end parts, tubeless tire setup and bike weight under 35lb I am sure it will fare well alongside the other bikes for climbing and trail riding, and as we know, the Wildcard will certainly be up for some serious abuse

Not sure what other bikes are being tested alongside the Wildcard, but we'll find out for sure when the magazine comes out

Early feedback on the Wildcard is positive, but alot can happen in a group test so lets wait and see


Rob C


Linden Carlson said...

that bike is soooo hot! I want to see one of our riders go crazy at crankworx colorado with one. that will be sick! all that and 35 pounds? yeah!!

Jay MacNeil said...

when will they have the review done?
I thought Doddy was riding it for slopestyle stuff? Whatever ... it'll fair great in either case. Curious what they have it up against.
Should get keith a ninja costume so he can go spy at MBUk HQ and see what they're up to.
I bet they'll do the SX, maybe a Norco Six cause they call that an allmountain light freeride bike... so you're suppose to be able to pedal it.
They have the Six one at 35lbs and 6.3" travel, so the WC is right there too.
Definitely going to be an interesting read.

Karupshun said...

I can't wait to pick up a copy.

They're usually pretty fair when they choose bikes to compare, so I am curious what the compare it to.

rob cole said...

we've been told the magazine is the "march" issue so probably hitting the shelves around February

the bike has gone to Guy Kesteven who supervises most of their group tests and is a fair / experienced guy when it comes to testing

I'm really curious to see what bikes it is put up that will have a big impact on the results of the test?

can't wait to get the WC back after the test and get some freeriding action..but i just got a new cyclocross bike so i'm off to hit the singletrack he he

happy xmas!!

Hack On Wheels said...

Testing it as an "All Mountain.." bike but with a single ring? I hope that doesn't count negatively when it comes to climbing and such in the test. Either way, I can't wait to read the article.