Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Merry freakin Christmas!!!

So I know its not Christmas-y with the hohoho and the bells and that junk but I took this sweet azz pic of the North Shore. So from the home of the Shore, I know I speak for everyone one at Banshee... have a great holiday and try to sneak in a ride - say its to work off the bird you just ate. If Christmas ain't how you roll in your house we still hope you had a great year and wish you the best for the next one.

Lets step it up next year guys and gals... bigger, stronger, faster, better. That road gap at Whistler... I'm comin' for you byatch.


Anonymous said...

There's just one thing i want as a present between now and new years: a scythe update with photos. Please santa.

Psycho Mike said...

Merry Christmas Jay and all the gang at Banshee. Looking forward to seeing all the new bikes rolling into the LBS in the new year ;)

bdub said...

Santa came on Monday and brought my Rampant frame. It's a beaut, thanks guys!

Jay MacNeil said...

sweet bdub.
You gotta take some pics of the bike and you together. I'll post it up on here... go for a little rip on her first and send me your impressions too.

rob cole said...

we got the first Mythic production frames arriving on Christmas eve straight off the plane from Taiwan

so its gonna be a great Christmas for our local riders who pre-ordered their Morphines and Wildcards

happy christmas from all at Freeborn Bikes in England!!