Sunday, June 19, 2011

SKS - Slopestyle

Hi from Dennis Hoppe!

Last weekend the SKS-Slopestyle has taken place @ Winterberg, Germany as part of the Dirtmaster Festival 2011. Below you find some pics of me riding my Rampant during competition on the rebuilt course, that was extended this year with some new wooden obstacles. The Rampant makes it a lot easier to compensate the hard landings while still having the handling of a hardtail. 1st choice.

Since the slopestyle-track is located in a dip, it's easy for the people to view the ongoing action.

As every year some friends and myself rented a vacational home near the festival . Short ways for lot's of fun, party & action during the festival days.

Impressions from last year...

The Festival consist of slopestyle, 4x, Downhill, Enduro Ride and an expo-area.

Here you have the view from the middle of the 4x straight to the slopestyle course.

Since the wind was blowing during my runs I did it the safe and not risked to much, so I ended up 27th, pro class, from finally listed 45 and total over 80 starters.

Overall it was a great & long weekend

Greetz from Germany

Dennis Hoppe