Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bike of the Week

In this new weekly feature, we'll be showing off some of the best looking Banshee bikes out there. We're not just looking for the most expensive build or pimpest parts spec, its all about doing something unique & truly eye-catching with your bike. So whatever Banshee you ride, whether that's a single speed Amp or a tricked-out Legend, send in your photos & show the world what you're riding.

If you want to be considered for Bike of the Week, please email your photos & a description of you & your bike to:
Photos should be re-sized to a maximum width/height of 1000px & your email should be no larger than 1mb. Crashing our inbox will get you instantly disqualified!

This week's winner is Braeden Hitchcock from Vancouver, BC & this is his fully colour coordinated Rune...

Think you can do better? You know what to do!