Monday, April 25, 2011

Paul's Recent Trip to Vancouver

On spring break here in Fernie B.C, the entire town is still in ski-mode, and the mention of biking is not a common thing. Meanwhile my brother (Nic) and I are planning ways to escape the snow and search for spring. After some thought on locations, we decided to head down to Surrey and stay with our friend Anthony Messere for 5 days, while still getting back to Kelowna for Harrison Mendels birthday jam on the weekend.

After driving a long 12 hours to Vancouver, we arrived at Anthonys house. It was raining out so we decided to check out all the spots we were planning on shooting on the week to follow. That night we ended up going to bed early to wake up bright and early to shoot the next day.
The next morning we went to the ferry terminal to pick up photographer/ filmer Mike Zinger, and he spent the next day with us getting some amazing shots and clips. Big thanks to Mike for helping!
The first spot we went to was a Sand Stepup called ABA, and this was a fun session because It was my first jump that I had hit since October. Anthony was killing it all day, which made us all really stoked to shred.
We ended up riding about 5 different spots that were all about 15-20 mins away from Anthonys house, which made me realize how amazing Vancouver is!
One spot i really liked was Clark Whites house, where we filmed and rode the most out of the week.

Oh and Nic got VoD with the edit of the trip!!

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