Friday, April 8, 2011

Good to be back on the big bike!

I'd been tipped off by a mate about a local riding spot before winter kicked in, and went up there (without my bike) in a storm in the middle of winter to scope the runs, and clear some fallen trees and repack some berms etc. I feel it is very important to maintain the trails you ride.

The area had a single DH track that was built by a local about 8 years ago I believe, and has been added to tastefully, without going over the top or causing any aggravation to local dog walkers or hikers. So now there are a handful of fun runs to ride.

Last weekend I managed to get out on my Legend MkII for the first time since last summer (due to snow, traveling and working long hours). I met up with my mate Alan in a small car park at the bottom before starting the steep push up. The plan for the day was just to have some fun riding new trails, while trying out a custom tune on the new Elka Stage 5 sample I just mounted on my Legend (wow, what a shock!), and get used to being back on the big bike. I also brought along my GoPro and got some footage before my battery died (must remember to charge it beforehand next time!).

Keith on his Legend

I really enjoyed being back riding the DH rig on steep terrain (not that it looks steep on camera mind you! haha), and met some really cool guys on the trails who I hope to ride with again when I get back home again in another month or so. It is really nice to have a spot like this within a 15 min drive from my flat, and I will not take that fact for granted. I'm looking forward to many more days of riding and maintaining these trails with new friends.