Monday, March 7, 2011

Mike Montgomery The Camp of Champions New Head Coach

Mike Montgomery has exploded on the mountain bike scene of the last couple of years. As a coach for the last two years at COC he has never stopped impressing us with his giant bag of tricks, humble demeanor and attitude of "Lets ride bikes and have fun." With the retirement of Gareth Dyer, Mike Montgomery has stepped in as the new Camp of Champions Head Coach.

We are super excited about having Mike as the head coach here at COC. He brings all his knowledge from growing up riding and racing BMX, mountain biking and all his competition experience and what it takes to do well, to the overall camp experience at The Camp of Champions.

To celebrate becoming the new head coach, Mike dropped this on us at 1:45 AM. Progress never sleeps. Neither do we. To avoid the grief we received for the 8 second VOD last spring we added a slow mo section to the video of Mike's new trick, just in case this makes VOD.

This summer is going to be crazy. Make sure you don't miss it.