Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2011 Rampant

Just finished building my new slopestyle rig for 2011, here is a little rundown on the new build.
Frame- Banshee Rampant
Fork- Manitou Circus
Rear Shock- Manitou Radium RL
Brakes- Hayes stroker trail
Pedals- Straitline
Stem- Straitline 35mm
Rims- MTX 29
Hubs- Jump Flea
Tyres- Geax AKA 2.0
Handlebar- Raceface Atlas
Cranks- Raceface Evolve
Grips- Raceface
Headset- Raceface deus
Seat- Macneil pivotable
Tensioner- YESS tensioner

Weight = 28lb

Big thanks to Banshee, Manitou, Hayes, SunRingle, Straitline, Geax and YESS for all there help.