Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sponsorship Request

I wonder how many other industries receive as many sponsorship requests as the bike industry. Can you imagine emailing Crest and asking them for a tooth paste sponsorship? I have been brushing my teeth for a long time, I have some pretty good moves.  Today I received this video attached with a sponsorship resume.


His resume was pretty impressive, he obviously used spell check and had his dad proof read it for him. A step up from most of the sponsorship requests I get. The only thing stopping me from hooking him up is that he is asking for too much. I hear he already has a sponsorship with Spank Industries and IXS Sport Division. And his coach looks like an over the top hockey dad … so I think I will just stay away from this one.

Keep Riding.

Rob Dunnet

P.S. this was not a real sponsorship request. That is Ryder on the bike and Lance doing his best to keep up with him. Lance is a buddy of mine who is the rep for Spank and IXS as well as other companies. Great to see a future ripper getting his training wheels off.