Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ace at Arduum

So this past weekend was BC cup #4 in mission, Arduum. I have never seen so many broken bodies in my life, I sat at the rock drop on saturday for over an hour watching the gnarliest crashes I have ever seen in my life. Broken backs, femurs and arms were some of the big ones that went down. I only ended up doing 2 practice runs on saturday but really focused and walked alot of the trail to scope out the sections and I felt really comfortable. Race day came and in my one practice run before our race runs my front tire slipped out and i ended up hopping over the bars and doing the splits in some sharp ass rocks leaving me with what looks like a boob growing off my left leg and golf balls all over my knee and shin. After that going into my race run I Just wanted to chill and have a safe run with a decent time without destroying myself since I had a dead left leg. This was not the case, in the first half of the trail, the techy part, I had some of my worst crashes ever leaving me strengthless and pissed off so instead of hammering down the trail and crashing more I just took it super easy and coasted down the rest of the trail. Ended up like 33rd out of 43 or something in Junior Men. Just glad I didnt get badly injured and glad all my homies are good to go too. Bear Mtn is next and I plan to do very well there!