Friday, April 22, 2011

Team Geronimo doing some Proto Prime Testing.

The Team Geronimo guys have been doing a photo shoot with Devon Balet whilst they road trip their way back from Sea Otter to their mountain lair in Colorado.

The guys are all enjoying riding the prime and the slightly different feel it has compared to 26ers. I asked these guys to use and abuse the frame beyond its intended purpose so that we can be double sure that there are no structural issues... it would appear that they are doing just that... and loving it!
Thanks to Devon for the great shots, and Geronimo guys for ripping it up!!


SiLeRT said...

Woooow!!! Love that bike!!

Grear photos!! Thanks!!

Keith Scott said...

That hill is a lot steeper than photos make it look, and that build was made for DH with only a single 34tooth chainring. (bit like having a 38tooth chainring on a 26er I'd say)

SiLeRT said...

I noticed early on in the inclination and the technical difficulty of the area. While watching the build of the Prime, you have infinite possibilities. That bike is perfect! Frame supports a DH and XC: D The bike to do all!