Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Esher is done....

Esher is all done...

Just in case you had not heard "the news", Freeborn Bikes Esher (bike shop) and Esher X (bike park) closed the doors last Thursday (31st March 2011) for good

due to a dispute with the landowner (Sandown park) and the landlord (Sandown Sports) we were thrown off the site with little notice, the bike shop was stripped out and stock sent back to Freeborn Bikes Horsham, and the bike park flattened - both the new Esher X development and the existing Esher Pump Track - which totally sucks!

huge thanks to all our customers over the 8+ years we operated at Esher, all the riders on the Banshee / Mythic bikes who ripped up the park and represented!!

see you out on the trails soon!


rob c


Keith Scott said...

Those are sad sights indeed! We had good fun riding bikes there!

Jay MacNeil said...

sucks balls... this is the shit i hate... 2 dudes fight and the only people that lose are the little guys.
When will the little guys finally take over the world and run it properly.
Thanks Rob for your years of hardwork. At least it was great while it lasted and you have lots of quality memories from it.