Thursday, March 10, 2011

Banshee Testers required for the Prime

So just like we did with the Legend Mk1, we are now looking for testers to help refine the ride characteristics of the new Prime.

Please send a CV [resume] to as a *pdf [no word docs pls]
> Years riding
> Current bikes you own
> Bikes you have owned in the past
> Technical Expertise
> Knowledge of Geometry numbers
> Area you ride in, type of trails
> Send a couple pics if you want but not necessary and keep them small sized. [links to the pics are even better]
> Your stats... height, weight
> Your job [bike mechanic, engineer, shop owner] if you think it could be relevant.
You will be evaluated, as well, on the quality of the CV so make sure its organized and well laid out. It will indicate that you will be organized and concise when sending feedback on the bike.

The Prime prototypes will all be tested by both man and machine so the preproduction you get will be strong, feel great, and will be a good ride. We are looking for perfection and thats where you will come in.

We are only offering the frame and shock so you will be responsible to sort out the rest of the parts.
We offer the Prime at Banshee's cost to the testers. I would love to offer them for free but we feel cost for a great bike in exchange for refining it ends up being a fair deal all around.

If your interested get your CV's off to me and i can provide more details on the Prime test program.



Norbert said...

I really love the way you go through testing your bikes. Eliminates potential mistakes much better than any team. Especially usefull in the days of such misshaps as the fox hating demo ;)

I wish I could help with the proto testing but I live in a flat area where a 140/100mm 26'' trailbike is more than enough. Best luck with the prime. Looks amazing, quite sure it rides similar too.

SiLeRT said...

Messenger I love to be a choice, I also believe that my area is great for testing. Although able to participate in the pre-selection and is exciting. Hehehehe

Good luck!!

BamPyre said...

I would love to test the prime, if I get one, I will try one of those Chub by The Hyve up front hubs to see if it increases the strength of the front wheel. and a I9jhub on the back for that instant engagement sweetness.

Anonymous said...

What about the current 140mm fork offerings, do you really feel the Fox + RockShox 32mm forks are able to handle 'AM' duties?

Keith Scott said...

I guess it all depends on your definition of all mountain. Personally I find 32mm forks too flexy for me even on my 26ers, but when this bike comes out there are due to be beefier fork options avaliable.