Thursday, June 17, 2010

Leogang WC track walk

I'm sorry to say that the factory team is down to just one rider this weekend, as Tom is sick as a dog right now, and is gutted to miss out.

Adam Brayton shows us his lines in that unique way that only he can do... check it out!

Tom...we all hope you get better soon mate!


Robert Dunnet said...

i thought it was impossible to find someone whiter than keith, but those are two white guys. what language are they speaking?

Keith Scott said...

hahaha, I'm actually pretty tanned right now after a nice weekend away in Austria!

That language would be Northernish!

Aaron said...

The videos out of Banshee/Mythic have been great lately. Love these "track walk" excuses for a jolly. Brayton is hilarious.