Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fort William helmet cam run

Tom And Adam have been hooked up with GoPro Hero HD Sponsorship for 2010. So they will be putting together course videos for each of the world cup rounds plus some other stuff during the year.

I'll make sure Tom tightens up the Go Pro harness a bit for next time, as it does move around a bit... but just goes to show just how rough the course at Fort Bill is.

I was there at the weekend cheering our guys on, as well as other friends who were racing. It was agreat event and we got some solid results. As the courses get steeper and nastier from now on, our guys will hit their natural element and are aiming to prove themselves as a force to be reconed with.


martinh said...

The loose strap gives a great impression of how rough some of the course is

Anonymous said...

Wow, I like Vids like this. It clearly shows that Downhillers got some heavy duty big Balls to ride down a Course like that so wickedly fast - so impressive and giving me the the simple feel of beeing a snail when the Trail goes down :-D