Thursday, September 3, 2009

Matej - last 3 weeks - HATTRICK!!!

Hey Keith, Jay and all others.

After a 2 weeks break from racing there were last 3 weekeds filled to the

The first there was a 3rd race of National series which took place in Bozi
Dar, the highest situated village in Czech Republic and ended with a sprint down the road into town . It was pretty
challenging race for me, because I was leading the cup by a couple of
points. I had to do my best in semifinal and also in final. Both raceruns I
was carrying the speed well and was also in my pretrained line. I finished
1st in both runs and made bigger gap in overall between me and second.

The second weekend (22.-23.8.2009) I thought I'll be off. Unfotunatelly I
found a Hungarian National Champs in Tokod on UCI Calendar. I managed to try
it. First part of the course was really steep and loose - real fun to ride.
The second part was speeding on the meadow with open fast corners and one
big jump. At all the course was good. I tried to push it, I did a couple of
small mistakes but I crossed the line with the fastest time, tho! I was
really surprised, how the people from hungary was carrying about me. They
made me a VIP pit, they were coming to me and telling important
things...nice experience.

The last weekend I traveled across the east border to Slovakia (Velka Raca -
Oscadnica) where a lot of guys from my country are going to race when there
are no races in Czech. It was 4th race of Slovakian National Series. On
Saturday there was non-stopping rain, heavy rain! I decided just to walk the
course and watch the lines. On Sunday, the race day, I did 3 runs before the
racerun. I know it's not too much but I felt really good, tho. I did really
smooth run with hard pedaling and I won the race with 6seconds gap!!

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Matej Charvat


Norbert said...

Congrats on the wins. Great results.

BTW. Has Velka Raca changed in the recent years? Haven't visited it for quite some time after I broke my arm there.

Benny Power said...

That is an awesome effort Matej, congratulations on a super result.

Fakawi said...

good stuff!!

Wichmann said...

Holy moly Matej that is great stuff.......